About Secured Investment Strategies

Secured Investment Strategies is a company that invests in real estate and has created a unique investment opportunity that will allow an investor with challenged or new credit to participate in owning real estate and at the same time building their credit file.
Secured Investment Strategies is a completely unique company formed by a group of people who have been investing in commercial and residential real estate for over 25 years.

In addition the company founders understand the exceptional difficulty people with little or no credit have surviving, let alone competing in today’s number driven economy.
The partners at Secured Investment Strategies have built multi million dollar companies from scratch. We understand how banks and other types of financial companies make decisions.
Our investment product is the most exciting new credit enhancement vehicle to come to market.

This is not a tradeline!
This is an investment that results in a real mortgage reporting in the investor’s name.

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As everyone reading this already knows, our entire economic life is built around our credit worthiness. Without good credit we are no more than second-class citizens. We are denied entry into ownership status. Homes, cars, even school loans for our children are given to people with low credit scores at ridiculous rates of interest that can more than double the cost and make it impossible to own decent homes and cars in a stable and coherent environment.

The good news is that there are quick and legal ways to change credit. If you have impaired credit or good credit but not a lot of credit, we can help you. Secured Investment Strategies was developed to aid people who need help in developing better credit. At the same time starting these people in an investment program that is the beginning of a complete economic strategy. You become an owner of real property; you will get a real mortgage. You will have one on one access to team of millionaire financial experts. There have been hundreds of companies selling tradelines and most of them are fake. That means that the accounts reported to the credit bureaus are not yours. The account belongs to someone else and your name is added. Besides the fact that this is a fundamental misrepresentation on any loan application lenders are now wise to these assumed and authorized user accounts. The credit bureaus are changing their scoring model in a fashion that renders most of these fictional accounts obsolete.

So where do we go from here? How does someone with marginal credit put themselves on the map once and for all, legally, with accounts and mortgages that really belong to them? The Answer is Secured Investment Strategies. We use our cash and real estate assets in a leveraged transaction that turns you into an owner of Real Property, with a real, recorded and verifiable mortgage. You will have one on one access to experts that have made millions of dollars. Secured Investment Strategies has long-term strategic alliances with over 15 companies that together create our integrated financial network designed to move people up the economic ladder regardless of their current status. What makes us unique is our ability to place an investor who is cash or credit challenged in not just an investment, but an entire program, that if followed will create a foundation for a solid, stable financial future.

Most importantly, we will help create a financial future that you control. Secured Investment Strategies is dedicated in its mission statement to providing through its network of strategic partners, investment platforms designed to put new investors on the map while at the same time conditioning them with experience and credit enhancement. We prepare people to take the next step with their financial futures. Secured Investment Strategies sources low risk investments with easy qualifying.

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