Strategic FAQ's

Wouldn't a larger mortgage be better for me?

No it would not. A larger mortgage will show a payment that is too large and will adversely affect your DTI (debt to income ratio). In addition the scoring model used by the bureaus will raise your scores first on the type of credit you have, (in this case is a mortgage) which is scored higher that any other type of open credit and secondarily on the amount and seasoning. So in most cases a small mortgage will accomplish just as much and in some cases two or more will do more for you than one big mortgage.

How long will it take for my new mortgage or Auto loan to appear on my credit report?

It will take between 30 to 90 days for the credit bureau to report your new loan.

Will my scores go up as soon as they appear?

Your credit scores will have a 50/50 chance of rising in the first reporting cycle and should continue to climb each cycle for the next two or three months.

Are these Mortgages real?

The new mortgage you get to purchase your investment is a real mortgage by virtue of the fact that it is secured by real property in your name and is a matter of public record. (Recorded) In addition you have signed all the documents you would sign for any mortgage company.

Will I owe any money at the end of 12 months?

This is a non-recourse mortgage. At the maturity date a failure to pay the balance will result in your interest in the property reverting back to the seller. However, you have paid as agreed, and that is exactly what we will report.

How long will SIS report my payments?

SIS will report that you are making timely payments every month for twelve months. How long will the mortgage stay on my credit file? After one year your mortgage will be reported “paid as agreed”, after one year it will remain on your credit report for a period of 4 to 7 years as a positive item.

Can I invest in more than one property and have multiple mortgages reporting?

Yes, many people will benefit from 2 or more mortgages on their credit report. We recommend staggering dates and payment amounts so that as the payment cycle on one ends and that mortgage shows paid as agreed, the next one is still reporting payments. This is known as cycling and will keep your credit scores rising.

How old is the Mortgage?

This is a new mortgage. When it first appears on your credit report it will have 60 to 90 days of aging and this will prevent most “score shock”, but make no mistake, these mortgages are real and all of the information recorded and reported is 100% accurate and real. Any change in that information from fact to fiction would corrupt the entire concept. People who are using fake accounts that are backdated for years are taking a big risk. A lie is a lie on a loan application.

Does SIS have an actual office?

Yes, unlike many companies out there, SIS is a real “Brick and Mortar” company. We are located at 19189 W. 10 Mile Rd., Southfield, MI 48034. Any of our investors are welcome to stop by. We own the building and someone is always there and will be happy to meet you.

Do you guarantee that a new Mortgage will increase my credit score?

Yes, with the following conditions: No derogatory items show up in the first 12 month period we report. You apply for no new credit for 90 days from the date we report. Although your scores should still rise if you fail to comply with the above conditions, we will not guarantee it.

In what state is the property located that I will own part of?

All of the property used for this investment program is in Michigan, Ohio, and California. We are constantly expanding to other states.

Why am I a member in a Limited Liability Company?

A Limited Liability Company or LLC actually owns the property and you are a member or partner in the LLC. This ensures that you are completely protected from any liability associated with the property or properties you own. For example, if there was an accident at the property address, the LLC would be liable and not you. However, the mortgage is in your name personally.

Can SIS help me with other programs like credit repair and investing?

Yes, SIS and its affiliated Companies comprise a fully integrated financial services organization including:

  • Credit Repair Mortgages
  • Down Investment Properties
  • Cash Back at close investments
  • Personal Lines of Credit
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Mortgage Lending for people who are tired
  • of earning low rates of return at banks on their savings accounts
  • Investing in Costa Rica and Mexico Wholesale Automobile Dealer.

What types of Proof of Funds accounts can be provided?

         S.I.S. can open a U.S. Money Market account, or open an account in a US bank's private
         banking division. A standard Verification of Deposit (VOD) is available with all account

What is a Verification of Deposit(VOD)?

What types of Proof of Funds accounts can be provided?

         A VOD is a document signed by a financial institution that provides verification of the balances in their financial accounts. A written Verification of Deposit will adequately serve the majority of Proof of Funds requirements. Other types of confirmations done with bank-to-bank SWIFT messages are most commonly used for verifications tied to transaction settlements or securities transfers, and have special account set-up procedures that are available at additional cost.Click here to view an example.

What is the procedure for opening a Proof of Funds (POF)Account?

         Click here to view procedures for opening a Proof of Funds account.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts available?

         The minimum account size is $100,000 and the maximum account size is $5 billion. We can
             syndicate larger accounts from our "investor pool" upon request.

How long can the account be kept open for Proof of Funds uses?

         We have 15 and 30 day terms available, dependent on account type. The account can be
             renewed for additional terms upon mutual agreement, typically at discounted rates

What Happens to the Underwriting Fee if the account is not opened?

         If, in the unlikely event we fail to open the Proof of Funds account under the provisions of the
         Term Sheet and the Principal Agreement, the Underwriting Fee is promptly refunded.

How is the Arrangement Fee protected?

         The Arrangement Fee is deposited in a Trust Account with a licensed third-party Escrow Agent
         and the Fee is not released until it is confirmed that the account has been opened. In the unlikely
         event the account is not opened, the Arrangement Fee is returned by the Escrow Agent

Can the Arrangement Fee be paid after the account has been opened?

         No, the Arrangement Fee must be placed in the Escrow Trust Account before the Proof of
         Funds account can be opened due to the significant costs incurred to open the account, and
         to insure mutual protection for both parties


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