Real Estate Investment
Amount Cost Management fee (included) Monthly Payment Reported
$5,000 $995 $195.00 $16.67
$10,000 $1,695 $195.00 $33.33
$25,000 $1,995 $195.00 $83.33
$50,000 $2,795 $195.00 $166.67

Rapid Rescore

Rapid Rescore, or Tradeline Rescore is just that.


  1. Anytime incorrect data is impairing the credit score
  2. An account shows a late that can be proven current
  3. Closed accounts reported open with a balance
  4. Tax Liens showing that can be proven paid
  5. Duplicate reporting of derogatory items
  6. Incorrectly reporting the status of a judgment with proof
  7. Score improvement analysis regarding which account(s) can be paid down or in full and their impacts on scoring
  8. The addition of a new tradeline as a supplement only This means that a new tradeline can be added in most cases, but it will not be scored until the creditor reports directly to the credit bureaus. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong
The Automobile Restoration Investment
Amount Cost Monthly Payment Reported
$2500 $595 $16.67
$5,000 $795 $33.33
$10,000 $995 $83.33
$25,000 $1,495 $166.67

Automobile Restoration Program

Invest in a vehicle that you can restore

For only 495 dollars you can purchase an interest in a classic vehicle that is in need of restoration. Our affiliate company will send you an estimate for your vehicle and finance the restoration costs.

You will have six months to pay the restoration costs. When you do work will begin on your vehicle, and once completed will be shipped by transport to anywhere in the continental U.S you choose.

Your initial down payment will cover the interest in management fees for the first six months of your loan for the amount you financed. At the end of six months you can decide to:

  1. Pay the restoration off in full
  2. Renew the loan
  3. Cancel the loan
  4. Move your loan balance to another vehicle from our automobile dealership

Our affiliate will report the loan as paid and closed on your credit.

Proof of Funds Program

Investments for PROOF OF FUNDS Requirements

We provide investment capital for Proof of Funds/Verification of Deposit (VOD) uses on a short or long-term basis. The funds from our "investor pool" are utilized to provision POF accounts at a predetermined fixed return-on-investment so that the client will not have to give up any ownership positions in their projects or trades. Get a fast quote by clicking here, or contact us here.

Proof of Funds Program Highlights:
  • Accounts available from $100K to $5 billion
  • Money Market and Bank account options
  • No Credit Check or Financial Statements Required
  • Client participates as account holder
  • Rates starting as low as 1.0% per month
Proof of Funds Account Parameters
  • 30 day terms, with discounts provided for renewal terms
  • Standard bank Verification of Deposit provided for all accounts
  • Bank accounts opened and confirmed

All accounts require full client disclosure and are opened in strict compliance with the provisions of the US Patriot Act.

Our affiliate will report the loan as paid and closed on your credit.

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